International Year of Glass 2022

2022 - The UN International Year of Glass

Join us in celebrating this dedicated year to GLASS!


Glass Alliance Europe will host an event on 16 November 2022 with the EU institutions. We want to show you how the glass industry is a key-enabler of sustainable growth and prosperity in Europe. Our industry is a forward-looking innovative and highly strategic sector from which the EU benefits greatly. The glass industry invests continuously in R&D to exploit technical potentialities of the material and its endless potential applications.


Historical Recognition for GLASS: 2022 is the International Year of Glass
GLASS has been finally recognised as essential material by the United Nations. This is a great opportunity to raise global awareness on the positive role of glass in healthy living and to show the commitment of the European Glass industry to build a better future to the world.

Our event will focus specifically on how glass contributes to the following United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):
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  • SDG 3: Achieving good health & well-being
  • SDG 7: Providing affordable and clean energy
  • SDG 9: Triggering industry innovation & Infrastructure
  • SDG 11: Growing sustainable cities and communities
  • SDG 12: Offering responsible production & consumption
  • SDG 13: Taking climate action

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What is the International Year of Glass?


On 18 May 2021, the United Nations approved a resolution promoting 2022 as a United Nations International Year of Glass. A series of events, meetings and conferences to celebrate glass will take place across the globe. It’s a great opportunity to raise global awareness on the positive role of glass in healthy living.

See GOB (Glass Open Book) video:

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Why glass?


We are living in a ‘Glass Age’ and the UN aims for the International year of glass to underline the scientific, economic and cultural roles of glass throughout the world in the context of the UN 2030 sustainability goals. Glass supports many vital technologies and facilitates sustainability and a green world; it enriches our lives, yet so often goes unnoticed.

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“Glass, The Hidden Gem In A Carbon Neutral Future”, says Nature
Glass products are indispensable to the transition towards a climate-neutral circular economy: for renovating buildings, producing more renewable electricity, decarbonising means of transport and making sustainable packaging. Glass also contributes to the digitalisation revolution.

In short: glass creates the conditions of prosperity, a symbiosis with society and decision-makers.

Glass is the future!

How to get involved?

Thousands of activities across the planet are happening. Congresses, scientific and technical seminars, industrial fairs and glass schools will coexist alongside artistic exhibitions, books and technical publications, articles in the press and social media, on the radio and TV.

Many international events are already confirmed, including a two-day celebratory Opening Conference planned in Geneva on 10-11th February 2022. 

Join the Global sponsorship campaign.  Check out the SPONSORSHIP leaflet on how to get involved, as a key PARTNER or simply as a FRIEND.

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Celebration Book on the IYOG 2022 "Welcome to the Age of Glass":

National Initiatives


This international glass year represents for all French actors but also around the world a unique opportunity to highlight our craftmanships, our know-how, to transmit our history of glass and also to attract young generations to all our trades. This will also allow the entire French community to better affirm its international role. Throughout the year, you can find information about the various events organized in workshops, manufactures, factories, schools, museums, etc.

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Starting Shot for the IYOG2022 in Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein. Associations and companies of the glass industry and plant construction, glass fairs, universities, high-schools, education and training facilities, glass artists and associations as well as museums, have joined together to appreciate the scientific, economic and cultural importance of the material in 2022.

On the action website (, interested people find all information about IYOG2022 and what is worth knowing about the fascinating material and its numerous applications. At the centre of activities in Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein is the campaign "Places of Glass". Participants are, for example, companies, glass museums, but also individuals whose place has a special relation to glass or plan action on glass. Once a month, a "place of the glass" is reported on the website and on the specific Instagram channel .

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The Austrian Glass Federation launches the awareness-campaign “IYOG 2022” with the moto “How is life without glass?”.

To show, how important glass is and its role in windows, packaging, isolation, fibres, medical technology, traffic/transport/mobility, production of clean energy, Internet, circular economy, ….  A package of digital tools (electronic banners, carousel ads and stories on facebook and Instagram, short clips on different screens as for instance at railway stations, posters, e-Mail-signature, etc.) is presented in the new landing page, where interested people get detailed information about glass.The campaign will be two-fold: a first session from 7th June to 5th July and the second in September.


  • ANFEVI (glass packaging for food and beverages)
    • Circular economy exposition (a series of educational infographic panels), in collaboration with ECOVIDRIO and CSIC.
    • Conmemorative glass gift to the Congress of Deputies during a press event, in collaboration with ECOVIDRIO.
  • VIDRIO ESPAÑA (glass packaging, flat glass, flaconnage, and others)
    • Circular economy report including data from 2019 and 2020, promoted via press release and infographic material.
    • Oficial presentation of the IYOG in Spain, in collaboration with the Spanish Regional Organization of the IYOG2022. Event for public administrations, press, industry and B2B (17th of May).


More info on activities scheduled in Italy on:

 University of Trento reveals lecture schedule for IYOG2022

As part of the International Year of Glass, the University of Trento will be hosting lectures by experts in many fields of glass from March 23 to May 25, 2022. Each lecture will feature two speakers and two topics that will highlight the past, present and future of glass in industrial, medical and communication fields. The lectures are being organized by Vincenzo M. Sglavo of the Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Trento, Gian Domenico Sorarù from the Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Trento and Maurizio Ferrari from the National Research Council and the Institute for Photonics and Nanotechnologies, both in Trento.

According to the organizer’s web site, the lectures, which will mostly be given in English through Zoom, are included in the course of Glass Engineering for the Master’s degree in Materials Engineering. As such, they are primarily addressed to University’s students, but could be attended by anyone interested in the Glass Age.

 To view the site listing all the lectures, visit:

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All activities scheduled in Czechia and Slovakia regarding the IYOG 2022 are listed on:  


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Glass Sectors


The European Container Glass Industry has launched a new campaign to celebrate the International Year of Glass IYOG 2022. Centred on a video that celebrate glass which from generation to generation has always been by our side to mark the moments that matter. A toolkit on glass packaging unique benefits has also been produced for the purpose.


 Glass for Europe: