Glass is an unlimited and innovative material that has plenty of applications. It is an essential component of numerous products that we use every day, most often without noticing it.

It is clear that modern life would not be possible without glass!

Glass is used in the following non-exhaustive list of products:

  • Packaging (jars for food, bottles for drinks, flacon for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals)
  • Tableware (drinking glasses, plate, cups, bowls)
  • Housing and buildings (windows, facades, conservatory, insulation, reinforcement structures)
  • Interior design and furnitures (mirrors, partitions, balustrades, tables, shelves, lighting)
  • Appliances and Electronics (oven doors, cook top, TV, computer screens, smart-phones)
  • Automotive and transport (windscreens, backlights, light weight but reinforced structural components of cars, aircrafts, ships, etc.)
  • Medical technology, biotechnology, life science engineering, optical glass
  • Radiation protection from X-Rays (radiology) and gamma-rays (nuclear)
  • Fibre optic cables (phones, TV, computer: to carry information)
  • Renewable energy (solar-energy glass, windturbines) 

All of this is made possible by the countless properties of the glass substance.