Glass Alliance Europe publications and contributions concerning REACH

Glass Alliance Europe issues documents and position papers and participates actively in consultation processes carried out by ECHA involving glass and the raw materials used to produce glass.

Below are the links to the main documents and position papers developed by Glass Alliance Europe:

  1. Guidelines for the glass industry “Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals, REACH” – Click to download the file
  2. REACH DOSSIER: Exemption from registration for glass under REACH Regulation N.1907/2006/EC (October 2010) (*) – Click to download the file

(*) The EU Directives on classification, labelling and packaging of substances (Directive 67/548/EEC) and preparations (Directive 1999/45/EC) referred to in this REACH Dossier have now been replaced by the EU Regulation 1272/2008/EC (called "CLP Regulation").

  1. Glass, Glass articles and the EU Reach Regulation (Statement to customers – May 2012) – Click to download the file
  2. Position Paper concerning the status of the raw materials, for the production of glass, as intermediates under the REACH Regulation (Update February 2018) – Click to download the file

Frequently Asked Questions on Glass under REACH