2022 United Nations International Year of Glass:
a historical recognition

GLASS has been finally recognised as essential material by the United Nations. This is a great opportunity to raise global awareness on the positive role of glass in healthy living and to show the commitment of the European Glass industry to build a better future to the world.

We are living in a ‘Glass Age’ and the UN aims for the International Year of Glass to underline the scientific, economic and cultural roles of glass throughout the world in the context of the UN 2030 sustainability goals. Glass supports many vital technologies and facilitates sustainability and a green world; it enriches our lives, yet so often goes unnoticed.
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Glass contributes to the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):
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Glass Alliance Europe Policy Event on 16 November 2022

“Glass, The Hidden Gem In A Carbon Neutral Future”, says Nature.
Glass products are indispensable to the transition towards a climate-neutral circular economy: for renovating buildings, producing more renewable electricity, decarbonising means of transport and making sustainable packaging. Glass also contributes to the digitalisation revolution.In short: glass creates the conditions of prosperity, a symbiosis with society and decision-makers.

Glass is the future!

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